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This is such a good fragrance! I can genuinely say that I notice each of the notes listed while I wear it, and the tea note is especially delicious. Longevity, sillage, and projection are all pretty impressive. I got about 8 hours out of it without reapplying, and my coworkers wouldn’t stop telling me how good it smells. It’s sweet but light and just overall very well balanced. I’ll definitely need a full bottle of this once I run out of my travel size!

So disappointed :(

As an order review said, I really wanted to love this one and it's really juste too powdery for me and too strong. My friends also said it smells like bug repellent but with a sweet touch, which is not what I excepted. :(

Hi there!
Oh no! So sorry you didn't care for Froth! I would love to replace it for you with something you think you'd like more :) can you please send an email to and I will get you all sorted out! Thanks so much for taking the time to review it, let's get you one that you love!


Delicious! Starts like buttered popcorn but calms into a lovely boba scent. Super yummy

Anna Edmondson
So upset this is limited edition!

This fragrance is incredible! It was a blind buy on the recommendation of Emma @perfumerism and Ryan Stefan and I’m so glad I purchased. Sweet but not sugary sweet, and musky but still feminine. I get the taro and buttery notes before the dry down, and after its orchid and clean and the pistachio nuttiness is there but not in a juvenile sol de janiero way. Milky notes are not the star of the show but are definitely an important supporting character! This fragrance is amazing and I’m buying full size before it’s gone!

Emily Niemann
Totally taro

This is a beautiful scent! However it does smell mostly of taro. I still love to wear it, I was just hoping for more complexity In the scent profile

Brand Story

The Magnificence of Piper & Perro

The world is full of extraordinary experiences; you hear about them happening every day. Some are grandiose while others are tiny moments, tightly packed with magnificence and wonder; nothing short of a miracle, to the beholder, anyway. 

Surely, we all witness these moments in some form, in some way or another before our days on this earth come to an end. But we never know when they're going to grace us. We never know when the moment is the moment, the one that will astound and awe us, fill our souls with enough wonder to make us believe in magic, if only for a second. 

When darkness meets light and two worlds become whole, Piper and Perro dance across the universe. In and out of time, unbound by the confines of rules and thoughts. Just as the night sky holds dearly its stars, Piper and Perro thrive from one another to create tangible, fleeting moments filled with delicious scents and delectable textures. Follow them on their journey with the Piper & Perro luxury perfume line and experience their adventures for yourself.